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AMPM Recommends: An African Safari

When Priyanka Modi visited Africa for the first time she was all of 9 years old. It was an experience-of-a-lifetime, where she chased a breathtaking sunrise on an early morning hot-air balloon ride, had brunch next to a pride of lions and witnessed elephants and giraffes wandering up to her viewing decks.

The African culture drew her in – she was enraptured by their sustainable livelihoods and vibrant arts. It was this same fascination that brought her back after three decades and she designed AMPM’s spring/summer 2020 line as an ode to the land of serene landscapes and magnificent wildlife.

She shares five of her most memorable moments from the African safari (and ones that you shouldn’t miss on your next trip there!).

Trailing the pink horizon
“This story still fills me up with so much joy.

On the third day of our trip, we woke up early in the morning to visit Lake Nakuru. As we were moving in our safari jeeps, we saw this massive lake with a pink perimeter around it. At first, we couldn’t make out what was making that pink hue on the horizon. As we got closer, we realized that it was actually a flamboyance of flamingos that had surrounded the lake. And not one or two, but it seemed like a million flamingos had gathered around the lake in the morning!

The sight left us speechless. I was seeing these majestic birds for the first time and it left a lifelong impression on me. This was the time of no smartphones and definitely no Instagram but I remember this day like it happened yesterday.

We quietly observed the flamingos for a while and then left them undisturbed. Later, the ranger told us that the bids assembled there every morning to feed on the shallow edge of the waterbody. I remember saving one feather from the ground as a beautiful keepsake.”

Exploring the natural habitats
“An African safari is like stepping into an enchanted cabinet of curiosities and experiencing nature how it’s meant to be – untamed and uninhibited.

On day 2 while travelling through a dense thicket we came across this clearing where we saw The Mountain Lodge standing in the middle on stilts. Once we climbed inside the lodge we could see the whole forest engulfing us and an enormous lake in the distance – a view that was reminiscent of standing on top of a mountain peak.

The whole structure was made of wood and surrounded with balconies. These balconies acted as gorgeous viewing decks from where we saw majestic red elephants and giraffes, elegant antelopes and impalas grazing in the wild.

The spectacular lake was a sight to behold. It was an enormous water reserve surrounded by wild bushes, trees with entwined branches and animals that came to bathe, to play or just to sunbathe.

There was an underground passage from the lodge that went all the way to the lake. From here, we could quietly observe the animals up close without distracting them.

As a child, it felt like I was living inside the magical world of Jumanji.”

Tracing the equator
“Have you ever visited a spot where you could be in two places at once?

I did when I visited the Equator line in Africa, which let me be in the Northern and Southern hemisphere at the same time. It was equal parts cool and bizarre.

This spot was quite fascinating because as a child I had only read about the equator in my geography classes. I was pretty excited to see it as I imagined it to be this real line that cuts through Africa. Of course, as a naïve nine-year-old I didn’t know better.

The area was marked with a sign that declared “You are on the Equator”. I remember standing on the spot and hearing these stories about The Great Migration – one of the most surreal phenomenon of this world. The ranger told us how millions of wildebeests, zebras and antelopes make the extraordinary journey from Tanzania’s Serengeti to south of Kenya’s Masai Mara in search of greener pastures and water reserves.

At that time, I couldn’t imagine what a million animals would look like when they simultaneously moved together but it definitely sounded ethereal. The story was so captivating that I have put it on my bucket list since.”

Chasing the first rays of the sun
“It was one of those glorious mornings that I remember each time I watch a sunrise.

On our last day at the Masai Mara National Reserve, we woke up early in the morning to go for a hot-air balloon ride. All of us were in high spirits as we were all trying this for the very first time.

We climbed atop a clearing on a higher ground and saw these massive balloons being inflated. As we were slowly lifted in the air, the clearing gave way to the dense forest. Beyond that it was miles and miles of uninterrupted expanse as far as the eye could see.

We saw the sun rise in the distance and it felt like we were chasing the sun in our baskets. We also spotted so many animals from your birds-eye vantage. It was exhilarating and at the same time a little frightening, as we were floating miles above the ground.

A couple of hours later when we descended, there was a fantastic breakfast spread waiting for us. The adults even toasted with a glass of champagne. What a perfect way to conclude a heavenly morning!”

Understanding the essence of sustainability
“In Africa, I saw firsthand how humans and nature can co-exist without distressing the ecosystem.

Once we moved to the Masai Mara National Reserve, we stayed at the Mara Serena Safari Lodge for the next few days. This was a beautiful space where all the structures were yellow-coloured and there was an oval-shaped swimming pool in the middle.

The rooms looked like they were made of mud, similar to the houses in the neighbourhood, but they were actually quite sturdy. The yellow paint made all the structures inside the lodge look one with the golden savannah.

Along with the organic shapes, candle-lit interiors and wall art that imitated the locales, the lodge was nestled under clear-blue skies and surrounded by miles and miles of sweeping grasslands.

It was here that we engaged with the indigenous culture, bought souvenirs created by the native communities and ate fresh produce from local farm plantations.

Looking back, I realised that sustainable development was a part and parcel of the African communities and not an afterthought, something that we all can learn from.”

AMPM Colour Story: Warm Tan

Tan is such a versatile shade and still so unexplored. It can work as a neutral or can add colour to your look depending on how you style it. For our spring/summer collection, we decided to switch things up by introducing tan, which is essentially the classier version of brown. It’s cool, contemporary and the colour finds rendition into every element of our lives including our sun-tanned skin and those accessories and footwear in tanned leather. Interestingly, the colour also derived its name from tannum (oak bark), a material that was used in the tanning of leather.

In its earthy state, tan impersonates the essence of raw ceramic – a shade that looks timeless and naturally striking. We worked on a combination of this warm hue and summer-friendly fabrics to create a wide range of silhouettes.

Go ahead, give this colour a chance this season and you won’t be disappointed.

Faizah Tan Top in Linen
This bronzed top is the summer go-to that you were looking for this season. Its neutral canvas gives you abundant ways in which you can style it. A tasteful asymmetric hemline adds up to its covetable appeal.

Adisa Ivory And Tan Anarkali
Set In Chanderi

A fresh update on your basic Indian wear, this all-white suit is elevated with just the right amount of tan. Its enigmatic artistry and flattering cut is fit for a summer gala.

Nia Tan Throw-over Set in Chanderi
This summer season is too novel to wear those predictable colours. Opt for a pale tone of brown instead and go for this flowy high-low throw-over. It is lightweight and sits on you like a feather.

Kabili Tan And Ivory Top In Chanderi
If you are thinking of investing in the tie-dye trend, then start with something basic – like this ombré top. The subtle combination of ivory and tan is just right for a day out in the city.

Kai Tan Crossbody Bag in Leather
We love bags that keep your hands free at all times! This one right here is artsy enough to complement all your outfits and ideal to keep your essentials with you at all times.

Shenzi Belt in Leather
A broad corset belt in a calming tan shade will not only finish your looks with the perfect cinch but will also become your favourite accessory with its unique studs and laser cuts.

Fabric of Choice: Soft Denims

Denim is a perennial classic. It’s long-lasting and robust weave gives it an impeccable look and feel every time you wear it. First produced in the 17th century in the French city of Nîmes, denim gets its name from sergé de Nîmes, which roughly translates to “fabric from Nîmes”. The present-day indigo shade was derived from a plant called Indigofera Tinctoria, which was originally manufactured in India. Roughly three centuries old and a history that spans from France to India and then USA, the fabric has managed to stay eternally young.

We decided to give your go-to weave a covetable update this season. If you are tired of wearing those basic blue jeans every day, our detail-oriented take will definitely leave you spoilt for choice. Here is a list of denim separates to keep a close eye on while shopping for your wardrobe essentials.

Ifu Blue Dress in Denim
We elevated the basic denim dress with appliqué work, a high-low hem and pockets to keep all your essentials handy.

Indigo Dhoti Pants in Denim with Belt

Our signature dhoti pants are now available in well-treated soft denim. The immaculately stitched drapes and smart pockets add major style credits to your look.

Sarabi Blue Shirt in Denim

A denim shirt is a must-have in every wardrobe and our etched denim shirt is all you need to make a dignified statement at an elegant soirée.

Sarabi Denim Throw-over

A denim topper for summer is a wardrobe must-have. It’s striking shape makes it versatile enough to wear over a skirt or pant.

Denim Lounge Pants

Don’t want to stuff your travel bags with too many clothes? Take these versatile lounge pants along – the perfect bottoms to take you from beach to the bar.

#WomenInAMPM to inspire your style

The women who added their unique sartorial flavour to our outfits and made them look even more
desirable. Here’s our monthly edit of the best dressed #WomenInAMPM

Malvika Rallan
Malvika Rallan of @thedailyaaloo keeps it stylish in this shirt with visually-pleasing prints that go perfectly with the illustrious backdrop.

Karishma Sakhrani
@karishmasakhrani shows us just the right way to swap those skinny jeans with these high-waist denim dhoti pants this summer.

Rubby Singh
@rubbysingh trusts this cool linen top with fine cutwork to take her through summer.

Srisha Nitin
Srisha Nitin ditches the heavy Indianwear this summer wedding season and opts for our subtle ivory and gold Anarkali set.

Neha Menghwani
@neha_menghwani looks super fresh in these tonal separates.

Nischita Babu
Nischita Babu of @my_black_skirt makes a case for relaxed summer days in this light grey tunic and dhoti set.

Surbhi Sethi
Surbhi Sethi of @headtilt stepping into summer in this luxe throw-over with appliqué and embossed embroidery paired with our summer-friendly dhoti pants.

Gia Kashyap
Gia Kashyap of @giasaysthat looks splendid in these relaxed prints that draw inspiration from the traditional art of African pottery.

Amanda Bhandari
Spring in her step, summer on her mind. Amanda Bhandari of @stylecoquettes preps up for the warm weather in this easy-fitted suit and jacket set.
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